Hello, and welcome to my personal website!

The site has been re-incarnated many times and once again in 2010 I am going to attempt to refresh it with semi-useful content relating to myself, my family, and the groups and organisations I associate with.

A bit about me - I am considered an expert in the field of Information Technology, particularly in computer hardware. I am employed by Intel and have a wide and varied role which includes managing some of the top Intel distribution and reseller accounts in the UK. New technology excites me, and advancing the world in some way through technology gives me some meaning in life!

In my spare time I generally like messing around with computer hardware and the internet. Cars are my other passion and over the years I like to think I have become a fairly skilled mechanic with a good understanding of vehicle and motorsport technology as a whole, and more recently - ECUs and engine mapping.

The site will act as a portal to my other sites as well. .At the top of the page you will see links to my twitter, linked in and facebook pages as well as the honda culture forums which I frequent. You can also contact me directly via e-mail on the address above.

Thanks for visiting!


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